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Leg Up

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Leg Up : watch this video featuring products available on SPANX.


Leg Up : watch this video featuring products available on SPANX.

Hi, I'm SARA BLAKELY, the inventor of SPANX and when I first started this my mission was to make the world a better place one butt at a time but since the butt business is booming I can now focus on another calling which is making the world a better place one woman at a time. So we launched our LEG UP PROGRAM in 2011. And what is the LEG UP PROGRAM? It's a way to pay my OPRAH moment forward. When she chose SPANX as her favorite product of the year I had no money to advertise and suddenly I got all this exposure that I needed for my invention and we want to do that for all these other women in America that have their own million dollar idea. We're inspired by the women who've won LEG UP and we hope you are too. / You have a program called LEG UP. Tell us about that. / I'm looking for ways to pay that moment forward and the one thing I kept saying that I could now offer to other female entrepreneurs in their home where I was not long ago is exposure. So we have women send in their inventions and their product to us and we chose them and we highlight them in our catalog and on for free. And so, our catalog goes out to millions of women that I've earned their trust with./ Since we were chosen as a LEGS UP challenge winner we've enrolled more than 300 new consultants all across the country. We have consultants in all 50 states. And this is really exciting to us because this just means we're educating more American families. Thousands of new families just since we've been in the SPANX catalog. / What we can honestly say is that being named a LEG UP winner by SPANX and having the endorsement of SARA BLAKELY has truly given RAINRAPS a leg up. / The most significant impact, I would have to say, is the delightful reaction we receive when we tell anyone that Nancy and I were named SPANX's LEGS UP entrepreneurs. Thank you SPANX! / We've had a great several months since being named a SPANX's LEG UP winner with a huge increase in exposure and traffic on our web site. We're looking forward to adding new and innovative items to our line this fall that continue to combine function and fashion. Thanks so much to the SPANX's team and to SARA BLAKELY / As a result of winning the LEG UP we've also been able to exhibit at our first wholesale international trade show which was a huge success. And you can now find MOONRISE JEWELRY in select retailers around the country and in the Caribbean. So thanks so much SARA BLAKELY and SPANX for giving us a LEG UP. With your support 2012 was the best year in MOONRISE JEWELRY history and we're looking forward to another great year in 2013. / Hi, I'm LINDSAY PHILLIPS from LINDSAY PHILLIPS, INC. We're know for our SWITCH FLOPS and our SNAP SHOES. I am so honored to be SPANX first LEG UP winner. Being the first LEG UP winner has definitely increased sales and what's also tremendous is just having SARA's stamp of approval. It has opened so many doors and so many opportunities. / I can tell you that this win has exceeded my expectations. I think one of the biggest accomplishments was some of the press that we received and the credibility that's really been given to our brand now. SPANX, overall I just want to thank you again.

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