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Video: Sara Blakely In The News

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Sara Blakely In The News

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Sara Blakely In The News: watch this video featuring products available on SPANX.

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Sara Blakely In The News: watch this video featuring products available on SPANX.

This is my moment! I mean, God - okay listen. I was trying for a year to get this idea made - cold calling all the host females, talking to men. Nobody thought it was a good idea, I let go of it, I asked for a sign, flip on your show, you're my sign - which means, I'm going for it. / SARAH BLAKLEY. She grew her invention SPANX into a global fashion force. She knows what works, and how to sell it. / I love the way that you have packaged it, and I give you a yes. / Well, if you think you're sitting on a good idea listen up, because our next guest turned her hatred of pantie lines into a multi-million dollar must-have sensation. Please welcome the creator of SPANX, SARAH BLAKLEY. / Thank you! Thank you. / I wonder if you can see my pantie line. / You can't. / Well, stand up! / So who's your biggest fan? / OPRAH. / OPRAH? / I got the call from her, that she chose it as her favorite product of the year. / I get e-mails from 80 year old women and girls that say that's what they wore under their prom dress. So it's really cool because it's a product that's really across generations. It's, I mean, you've got daughters, mothers, and grandmothers all wearing SPANX for different reasons. / So when one says, 'Hey, I got my SPANX on, it's a really big deal. / SARAH, if you hadn't failed, would you have enjoyed this level of success? / No. If I hadn't failed, I wouldn't be here. If I'm describing it to a man, I keep it simple and say, 'I just make butts look better'. And they go, 'Okay, I get it'!" / How did you know you had something? / own vibe. / And worry about the patent and protect yourself later. You've got to spend the money to be first to market. / Are you flashing us there / Are these SPANX? / They are. / You've shown us everything you've got under there. / Can I just take my dress off? / You might as well! / I had a guy in line at STARBUCKS go, 'Can you make my wife look good in a bikini?' And I'm going, 'If I could, if I could - / When he was a STARBUCKS ordering his instant coffee!? / I was like, 'In a bikini? I'm going to work on that.' But yeah, our swim line is coming out this, um, Spring. And it has all the magic shaping of SPANX in it. / Until I had invested enough of myself in it that I was confident I wouldn't turn back. I Think that's key. / That is a huge point. / I showed up the first day and they handed me my helmet, and I was like...why do I need this? I'm an entrepreneur. And they said, 'Oh, it's because we're going to ask you to climb the side of a hot air balloon nine thousand feet in the air, and have tea on top of it with RICHARD. / This will be an interesting and humbling experience for myself. /

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