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Video: Sara Blakely on Inside Edition

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Sara Blakely on Inside Edition

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Sara Blakely on Inside Edition

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Sara Blakely on Inside Edition

Meet the tycoon who has become the youngest woman to make the Forbes billionaire list. Wait till you here how she made her money. Les Trent has her inspiring story. I had to pinch myself This woman has a billion reasons to be happy. That's Sara Blakely on the new cover of Forbes magazine. At age 41 she's the youngest self-made woman to ever make the billionaires list. When she did it without an inheritance. How, by investing her whole life savings of 5,000 dollars in a dream she called SPANX. That was twelve years ago and now the body slimming products she created has ballooned into a billion dollar industry. What are SPANX? SPANX are undergarments that make woman feel better, they make you look about five pounds thinner. At these Manhattan stores, SPANX are a huge seller. At Bloomingdales, there's an entire session devoted to SPANX. Brooke Shields, Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow wouldn't walk the red carpet without SPANX. Octavia Spencer says she wears three pairs at a time. Two pair I mean I look smooth I'm going to go for three But Sara's biggest break came when Oprah Winfrey named SPANX among one of her favorite things of the year 2000. Same big thing revolutionized our lives. She's a funny lady too so it may not surprise you to learn that before she created SPANX Sara was a stand-up comedian. My parents want me to get married, they're like Sara it's a good thing get married I'm like, yeah right! Knowing what the divorce rate is I wouldn't try hand-gliding if it was a 60% chance I wouldn't make it, [laughter] Obviously, you changed your tune I did change my tune, I'm happily married I've been married for 3 1/2 years And you might be wondering does america's newest billionaire actually use her own product Of course, Sara comes in at 1153 on the Forbes billionaires list Next Christie Brinkley war of words Such an horrible, spiteful vengeful

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