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Video: Spanx Founder Sara Blakely Talks Men’s on OMG! Insider

Spanx Founder Sara Blakely Talks Men’s on OMG! Insider - Video Gallery
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Spanx Founder Sara Blakely Talks Men’s on OMG! Insider

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Video featuring products available on SPANX.


Video featuring products available on SPANX.

There's a new creamy Alfredo soup, inspired by perfection. /Thea Andrews: Welcome back. The Emmy Awards are just 20 days away, September 22, on CBS. And you know, a lot of pressure for the ladies of Hollywood. We've got to find the perfect dress, and not just the right dress, but also the right Spanx so we can fit into the right dress. Michael Yo: It's not that easy for the guys either, Thea. Come on now, there's tanning, plucking, man-scaping. Andrews: Tan line, Michael. Yo: Right, the whole 9 yards of beauty, you know that. But, I've got to tell you that slimwear ain't just for women anymore. Just ask the billionaire founder of Spanx. Sara Blakely: We have so many men in the media say "I've got my Spanx on!" Steve Carrell: I just put on my Spanx and I'm ready to go. Alec Baldwin: They're called Spanx. Male: I just split my Spanx. Blakely: It's been great. We've had Jimmy Fallon talk about Spanx; we've had Tom Hanks on camera talking about it. Rob Low: He's wearing Spanx! Male: No, I'm not. Blakely: So many people ask us what took so long to go into men's. We just have so many priorities with women, helping women with stuff. No offense to the men, but we finally got around to you. Narrator: Spanx turned Sara Blakely into one of the youngest billionaires, and now she's taking on a new market. Blakely: It's basically your undershirt souped up. Narrator: But do the undergarments really work? Sara put them to the test on one of her employees. Here's the before... and after. Male: You can see a difference. It's actually more supportive. It feels like I can have better posture. Blakely: Yes, it supports the low back? Male: Yes, it's better with the low back. Blakely: Here's Rob in the same dress shirt wearing a Spanx performance undershirt. It's working magic on the whole stomach area. Well, it's the Spanx magic put inside an undershirt, but it works because we added some Lycra and some different yarns with a little bit more stretching power in them. Blakely [to Male]: You're good to go! Male: Spanx magic! Blakely: Spanx magic! Male: Thank you. Yo: Now, besides being beautiful, what's so impressive about Sara Blakely is she owns 100 percent of her company and has no outside investors. And she says she's never spent a dime on advertising. Andrews: What I want to know is, what about you? Are you going to wear any man Spanx? Yo: Bring it on! I will wear the Spanx. Andrews: I don't think you need it. Just tuck it in a little and you'll be fine. Coming up next, the stars bringing in the very complicated sex lives of Masters and Johnson.

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