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Video: SPANX Jeans on Good Morning America!

SPANX Jeans on Good Morning America! - Video Gallery
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SPANX Jeans on Good Morning America!

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SPANX, Jeans, Denim


SPANX, Jeans, Denim

Thank you Andrew. Also up on our heat index is Spanx like you've never worn them before. This morning the company is revealing an all new product that's meant to be seen. ABC's Sarah Haines has the sneak peek. The tummy-taming, behind-boosting, go-to undergarment for red carpet A-listers and mere mortals alike is now trying denim on for size. I was frustrated for the jeans that I wear. I mean I'm a mom now. Things don't exactly go back to the same place after having a baby. Sara Blakely, the mastermind who reshaped the entire undies industry and created the billion dollar slimming-empire Spanx, gave us an exclusive sneak peek at her "jean-ius" idea. There's triple thread technology which most jeans have two threads in them, a stretch yarn and a regular yarn. And Spanx has two stretch yarns and one regular. So you double the give a little. You do and it also recovers better but it's holding you in more. The two styles include the Slim-X with the magic of Spanx sewn in the stomach control panel. And the Signature, which has a wide waistband with a side zipper to create a smooth silhouette and topping it off, strategically placed back pockets for a more perky looking bum. I never thought that this was so important but we stared at pockets like the right distance from each other, the right distance up on the tush. Are these for women of all sizes? You know what, they come in size 26 through 32 and it's an initial launch and we'll continue to expand the size range. To get the skinny on these seemingly-slimming slacks, we had a few of our GMA interns try them on for size. So what do you guys think of these? Amazing! Suction is the word that comes to mind. You feel sucked-in? I feel a lot tighter everywhere. Sisters of the traveling pants girls! Put 'em in! And to think this self-made billionaire got her start by cutting off the bottom of her panty hose over 15 years ago. What's next? She says she'll continue to evolve her beloved brand maybe even add high heels. A comfortable high heel, and then retire? That has been on my list for so long ! Have you ever had a drop the mic moment? I know, forget it! You're done! You walk away with no words. Now these jeans are going to be available online and in Spanx retail stores. next month they'll launch in certain Dillard's and Bloomingdale's. Alright, they look fantastic! You're wearing them now right? Yes, I am. I have a pair on right now. And you guys were surprised, they look fantastic. Do the catwalk! Do you feel like... you don't feel too.. the other girls said they had suction in their pants. I don't feel suction I feel smooth. Oh, I like it! So it's not uncomfortable but I feel like I could eat a lot and be ok as it gives. Alright love you Sarah, thanks!

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