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Video: Sara Blakely on CBS This Morning

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Sara Blakely on CBS This Morning

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Sara Blakely on CBS This Morning


Sara Blakely on CBS This Morning

Woman: Three weddings in one day, I'm gong to be in Spanx for 12 hours. My elastic line is going to get infected again. / Oprah - Good bra and a pair of Spanx is the Holy Grail. / Woman: Shoes and Spanx. I triple Spank. / Man: That's why you need baby Spanx, the super elastic shapewear that smoothes out all of your babies bumps and bulges. / Woman: I got my Spanx on, I'm ready for this. / Man: I've got one of the best bodies here. / Man: He's wearing Spanx. / Gayle King: I know the jokes go on an on and guess what? Some of us are wearing Spanx too. It's 8 o';clock welcome back to CBS this morning. I'm Gayle King. / Charlie: And I'm Charlie Rose with Erica Hill. Forbes magazine new list of billionaires highlights one of it's newest names: Sarah Blakely, the inventor of Spanx. / Erica: She is the youngest woman to make the Forbes list on her own, without help from a husband or an inheritance. / Gayle King: Sarah Blakely's slimming undergarments have done countless, countless wonders for women and obviously for her companies bottom line too. Hello to you, Sara Blakely. I bow down to you. / Sara: Good morning. / Gayle: When Sarah sat down, tv viewing audience, she said, "Charlie, I'm going to make you blush." / Charlie: Let's stop the story there, won't we? / Gayle: Charlie, do you have any idea what this is? / Charlie: No I don't. I really did not know, but congratulations. / Sarah: Thank you. / Charlie: I just never have seen the two of them so enthusiastic about somebody that they wanted to pay homage to. So, explain to me what it is you created that has all these people atwitter. / We should just say this Charlie, thank god for pantylines, because that's how ti all started. / Sara: That is how it all started. / Gayle: You had an unsightly pantyline, you thought, what? / Charlie: It's a great American story, so what did you do? / Sara: I basically didn't look the way my own rear end didn't look in white pants, I don't know if this happened to you, Charlie. Bit it's a real problem sometimes for women. and I couldn't figure out what to wear under my clothes, And the body-shapers were too thick at the time. They almost felt like wearing workout clothes, under your beautiful clothes. SO, I cut out the feet of control top pantyhose, threw them under my white pants, and realized that the toning, shaping and no pantyline was perfect and that the hosiery material was thin enough that I could probably make shapewear out of. /Gayle: Are you following that Charlie? / Charlie: I only wish that she had come to me and said I need a little bit of money, are you interested in investing. / Gayle: But when you look at your life, you must think the other day, when it's released - number one, you're the second cover on Forbes Magazine. That's very cool. / Charlie: Forbes magazine has you right there. / Sara: Can I tell you, my heart is racing when you hold that up. It reminds me of those booths you go in in the mall, and you get to pick your magazine. Yeah every time I see that I think I went in a booth and picked that. / Gayle: But what's so amazing about this is that you did that with no advertisement. Can you imagine, Erica? No advertisement at whatsoever. / Sara: I couldn't believe that - it's shapewear and hosiery. It wasn't the most exciting subject to talk about. I think the name Spanx brought a lot of humor and life to it. And then all of the celebrities - all of the sudden, I think Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the first to say, "I've got my Spanx on, " on the red carpet. And it's just been a girlfriend to girlfriend sharing thing, and it's jut been the power of the brand. We've never formally advertised. / Erica: You never gave up and I think this comes up - if I read this correctly - from your dad, who actually encouraged you to fail. / Sara: Yes, he did. My dad growing up used to encourage my brother and me at the dinner at night, he would say, "What did you guys fail at this week?" And if we didn't have something to tell him, he would go, "Oh that's too bad." So, it trained me. I would come home and say, "Dad, I tried out for this and I was horrible." And he would go, "That's great," and hi-five me. My definition of failure became not trying, not the outcome. / Charlie: No risk, no gain. / Sara: Right. So, it changed my thinking and it was a big gift that was given to me early on. / Gayle: We should say that Sara is happily married and has a son, Laser, who's two. But ti think it's very interesting for women who are very successful to be involved in your relationship. And when you and your husband, Jesse, started dating, he didn't know how much you made. You had to sit down and say to him, what? / Sara: Yeah, that's funny that that was in the article. I was so nervous about it. / Gayle: About what? / Sara: About telling him. / Gayle: That, "I make a lot of money, I'm rich?" / Sara: I was a little uncomfortable about that. So, 30 or 40 days before we were actually getting married - we had been engaged for 6 months - I said, " I really need to talk to you." We were at a restaurant. And he's like "What?" And he's thinking. Is she cancelling the wedding? And I said, "I think Spanx and I make more money than you think I do." And he was like, "That's it? That's what you have to tell me?" And I said, "Yeah," and I sort of talked to him about it. / Gayle: How much did he think you made? / Sara: Less. / Gayle: Touche. / Sara: And so, anyway, he eyes filled up with tears and he said, "Sara, it could not have happened to a nicer person." And that was it. No change in the relationship. He's just such a cool guy, I mean, you've met Jesse. And what a guy. / So, tell us about the future, what can this all become? / Well, I'm inspired to make things more comfortable and I feel like fashion has been really paying a lot of attention on how things look, but with just a little bit more attention you can also make them comfortable. And I think that been happening for a long time because most of the people that are making the fashion aren't spending all day in them. So, I like that the women are getting more involved, specially in the shapewear, so Spanx just created undershirts for men, Charlie. / It's called Manx, Charlie. / How do you spell it? M.. / Sara: No, we've come out with Spanx for men, Manx is the nickname. Better fitting activewear that actually make women look a little bit swimmer while their at the gym. Swimwear... So, I'm inspired to make Spanx a lifestyle brand and cross over all the different categories. / Charlie: In New York this week, there's a summit which Tina Brown is an impresario of, and it's about the empire of women, it's about women's stories from around the world. What does your story say? / Sara: First of all, I'm so grateful that I'm a women in America, I've always had that gratitude that I've had the opportunity to pursue my potential. So, I think that my story says that when women are given the chance and the opportunity, that we can achieve a lot. / Charlie: That you deliver. / Sara: We deliver. We can make the world a better place, one bed at a time. / Charlie: Is there anybody other than your father that has made a difference in this journey that you have taken that has led to such wonderful results, and has led to you handling it so well? / I mean, my mom, she's an artist, so I get the creative side of myself from her. I'm still very close to my grandmother, Nanny. I have a wonderful family, my brother, Ford. But I would say from afar, Oprah Winfrey has always been an inspiration to me and Wayne Dyer who's a motivational speaker. I've been listening to his tapes since I was 16 years old. / Now is this fair? Many people say who have become enormously rich, didn't set out to be rich. They set out because they had an idea. I mean, you didn't say, how can I get really rich, how can I get on the billionaire's list? You basically said, "What can I do about my body? / Gayle: "How can I look better in white pants?" / Charlie: It's really a lesson I hear from entrepreneurs all the time. / Sara: Yes. Absoltuely. As a women, it was a goal to be financially independent, I didn't want to have to depend on anyone else for that. But, it was not the end goal. It was, "I want to go to a party in my white pants." And here I am. / Gayle: It is really cool to see you on the Forbes list. / Sara: It's unbelievable. I have to completely pinch myself. / Erica: We're out of time but I just do want to point out that you are also doing your part giving back and to help women and young girls with the Sara Blakely Foundation, which is great as well. / Sara: Yes, thank you. / Erica: Thank you. Not just for being here, but thank you. Every morning when I get dressed, I do. It is 8:07 am now, here's a look at your local weather. / And I must confess, in my last taxido event, I was wearing Spanx. Yes, go ahead, mock me if you will...

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